REFOCCUS© Marriage Enrichment Inventory

The REFOCCUS© Marriage Enrichment Inventory is a packet of five questionnaires that a married couple can use and score by themselves, as part of a weekend retreat, or in five weekly evenings in which the general topical areas are discussed with other couples. REFOCCUS is ideal for married couples who wish to spend time and energy on their relationship, but desire a little direction and skill building assistance in doing so.

Take REFOCCUS© Marriage Enrichment Inventory Independently

Are you a couple that would like to take the REFOCCUS© Marriage Enrichment Inventory on your own?

Please follow these simple steps below:

Purchase REFOCCUS© Inventory
REFOCCUS© Inventory Sent
Self Score Inventory
Review Responses
  • A hard-copy of the REFOCCUS© Inventory is sent via mail and the couple responds to the inventory independently on paper, to indicate their level of agreement, disagreement, or indecision about statements in these five categories:
    1. Marriage as a Process
    2. Intimacy
    3. Compatibility
    4. Communication
    5. Commitment
    6. Ministry Marriages
    Note: All six instruments have strong psychometric characteristics, including high reliability and validity.
  • The couple self-scores the REFOCCUS© Inventory to produce a profile of their current strengths and challenges in the topic area, and then refers to relevant information and questions inside.
  • Couples are encouraged to "go on a date" or spend time alone at home talking about the topics that sparked the most interest. Each member of the couple should pick two items (one area warranting celebration and one needing further discussion) to discuss at one time.
    1. Reading material on each of the five topics provides insight into these areas as the couple begins their own self-study, discussion, and understanding.
    2. In-depth follow-up questions on each statement provide a mini-manual for the couple to help enhance, repair and/or build their relationship.

REFOCCUS© for Groups:

The six questionnaires included as part of the REFOCCUS© Marriage Enrichment Inventory  can also be used in a group setting as part of a weekend retreat or six weekly evenings with other couples. The inventory is taken independently by the couple, who discusses any sensitive issues privately between them or with a facilitator. Only the issues they are comfortable sharing are discussed with the group. Many group leaders choose this format in order to also offer didactic presentations relevant to the section the couple is discussing.

For the group leader, the REFOCCUS© Guide to Individual and Group Discussion  offers suggestions regarding format, content and handouts to guide and enhance each couple's conversation.