Become A Facilitator

FOCCUS, Inc. USA offers both online and in-person training courses for FOCCUS Facilitators (to help couples prepare for marriage) and FOCCUS Trainers (to teach and certify FOCCUS Facilitators). You may also bring a National FOCCUS Trainer to your area for customized training just for your organization.

Benefits of Becoming a FOCCUS Facilitator


Proven and Effective Inventory with User-friendly Report: The FOCCUS© Pre-Marriage Inventory provides a personalized FOCCUS© Couple Report that helps target each couple's discussion to topics important to marital success. While the FOCCUS© Pre-Marriage Inventory is not a test and is not used to label couples or predict marital outcome, the report is used to help couples celebrate their relationship strengths and talk to each other about topics warranting further attention.
Scoring is easy and can be done two ways:
  1. Online administration ($15/couple, or as low as $10 for bulk purchase);
  2. Quick Score entry of couples' paper responses ($15/couple, or as low as $10 for bulk purchase);

Each scoring option results in the FOCCUS Facilitator receiving a confidential FOCCUS© Couple Report, reflecting the couples' responses according to empirically derived constructs known to be important in marriage. The report is used in conjunction with the FOCCUS© Facilitator Manual to guide the couple's discussion.
One-Day Training and Resources: FOCCUS Facilitator Training prepares facilitators to use the FOCCUS© Pre-Marriage Inventory in their organization. This one-day training includes a detailed FOCCUS© Facilitator Manual, which offers supplemental information and questions to help elicit optimal, positive couple discussion. Participants are trained to:
  1. Administer the FOCCUS© Pre-Marriage Inventory
  2. Interpret the FOCCUS© Pre-Marriage Inventory Couple Report
  3. Understand the research-based constructs measured by the Inventory
  4. Use the Couple Report to help couples engage in the marriage preparation
Available for general or religious use in several languages: The FOCCUS© Pre-Marriage Inventory is offered in 4 languages (English, Spanish,  Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified) and 6 editions (General, Christian, Catholic, Orthodox Christian (online only), Catholic Alternate and General Alternate).


How to Become a FOCCUS Facilitator

FOCCUS Facilitators help couples celebrate their strengths,

gain awareness, improve communication and learn problem-solving skills. Here are the steps to becoming a FOCCUS Facilitator:

Attend A Workshop
Receive A Manual
Complete Training Course
Complete Attestation Form
Register On Web Site
  • Attend a training workshop online or in person to learn how to administer the FOCCUS© Pre-Marriage Inventory to couples, receive and interpret the scored FOCCUS© Couple Report, and discuss the results privately with couples. FOCCUS Facilitator training, provided by a Certified FOCCUS Trainer, includes:
    1. Detailed PowerPoint presentation
    2. FOCCUS© Facilitator Manual and supplemental training materials
    3. Introduction to all materials, explanation of the purpose, mode and steps in using the FOCCUS© Pre-Marriage Inventory, and detailed coverage of the role and process of FOCCUS facilitation
    4. Information to help empower couples to discuss issues raised by the inventory and move toward awareness, understanding and problem-solving together
    5. Knowledge about how to refer couples to additional relevant educational programs and/or recommend counseling when useful

    Register for training (choose from four options for training to become a certified FOCCUS Facilitator):
    1. Register for an in-person Facilitator Training Workshop »
    2. Contact a Facilitator Trainer in your area »
    3. Request to bring a FOCCUS Facilitator Training Workshop to your area »
    4. Register for online training to become a FOCCUS© Facilitator »
  • Receive a FOCCUS© Facilitator Manual by mail or in your training seminar. The FOCCUS© Facilitator Manual includes supplemental, in-depth questions to deepen discussion of each pattern and item in the Couple Report, as well as additional material for optional use by FOCCUS Facilitator working with the couple.
  • Once you have completed the training course, you will be given a FOCCUS Facilitator certificate number, which you will use to register online as a Facilitator
  • Complete the Facilitator attestation form (agreeing to appropriate use of the FOCCUS© Pre-Marriage Inventory) online or in your training seminar.
  • As the final step, register on this web site as a FOCCUS Facilitator and submit the following info:
    1. FOCCUS Facilitator Certificate number
    2. FOCCUS© Facilitator Manual number (indicating you have purchased the required manual)
    3. The association within which you will be providing facilitation (an approval request will automatically be submitted to the organization you indicate)

    Note: You must be a licensed professional or associated with an approved FOCCUS organization in order to function as a FOCCUS Facilitator.