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Sample Questions

The FOCCUS© Pre-Marriage Inventory is a comprehensive, user-friendly tool for use by lay individuals, couples or professionals who are helping couples prepare for marriage, and who become trained as FOCCUS Facilitators.The FOCCUS© Inventory is designed to help engaged couples appreciate their unique relationship, learn more about themselves, and discuss topics important to their lifelong marriage.

To get a sense of the FOCCUS© Pre-Marriage Inventory, view the 10 sample questions below taken randomly from the 156 basic and 33 optional items in the inventory.

Each partner answers separately:

Agree, Disagree or Uncertain

When finished, couples are encouraged to discuss with each other the thoughts, feelings, differences, and priorities that each FOCCUS© Pre-Marriage Inventory item brought to mind.

Inventory ItemA = AgreeD = DisagreeU = Uncertain
1) We are in agreement about the husband and wife roles each of us expects of the other in our marriage relationship. A D U
2) There are qualities about my future spouse that I do not respect. A D U
3) We have discussed the ways our families solved problems and how this may affect our problem solving. A D U
4) We disagree with each other over some teachings of the church. A D U
5) My future spouse and I have agreed we will not have children. A D U
6) I am concerned that in-laws may interfere in our marriage relationship. A D U
7) My future spouse and I can talk about our sexual fears, hopes and preferences. A D U
8) We are in agreement about how we will make financial decisions between us. A D U
9) I sometimes feel that this may not be the right person for me to marry. A D U
10) My future spouse and I agree that our marriage commitment means we intend to pledge love under all circumstances. A D U